Project Example

This project actually came about because my wife’s uncle realized that we were investing a lot of time in our education and experience in the property market. My wife’s uncle had the perfect property in a really good location to do a development but he did not have the knowledge, experience or the money to complete the deal.

If he was to sell his property as it stands right now he would have only got around $650,000. However we suggested we develop the property as a joint venture. We proposed that we would:

  • Complete all market research to see what would be the best product to build and sell.
  • Organize all plans and permits for the subdivision of the property through council. 
  • Collect quotes from contractors and builders to complete subdivision and construction
  • Complete landscaping and final touches on property
  • Stage house for sale and organize the best real estate agent to sell our newly constructed houses

Due to this development my wife’s uncle is going to receive the original price of the property and on top of that also receive 50% of profits above the original property price. He didn’t have to invest any money or time into the project all he had to do is supply the property, which he already owned.

He couldn’t be happier with the deal and is now enjoying his retirement and looking to book a holiday overseas which he has wanted to do all his life.

This is only one example of what is possible.